in digital lo​-​fi EP

by bazillion

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released April 1, 2010




all rights reserved


bazillion Chicago

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Track Name: just another day feeding the man
what's their story? what's the plan?
buy their shit and feed the man.
try on buy on. what you wear?
buy the sticker. say you care.

here's a rule. live by it.
this goes there. make it fit.
everyone's watching there's no escape.
i say live your life it's not too late.
Track Name: moneyfucker
hey never been poor, looks like yr banks got too big.
cuz all yr lies and all yr lying, they got so good.
but i gotta say, you did a good job
of fucking’ shit up. without even trying.
cuz you got the money, you still get yr money,
and the money make it easy.

there come a day, when all of yr words
just become a piece in their game.
but you made the wrong moves,
and you never learned nuthin’
all these people starvin’, it’s gotta mean something.
all you never been poors, sittin’ on yr money,
ya gotta understand, that yr money makes it easy.
Track Name: need it need it need it need it
i need a song to sing. i need a phone don’t ring.
i need a million thing. i need it need it need it.
i need my peace and quiet. i need a drink at night.
i need a fight to fight. i need it need it need it.
i need it. i need it.

i need my baby’s knees. i need her arms and thighs.
i beg my baby please. i need it need it need it.
i need some earth to quake. i need her hips to shake.
i need a heart to break. i need it need it need it.
i need it. i need it.
Track Name: a box to yell at
the assholes on the tv try to tell me
how the world has gotta be.
black cat strides into their white house.
now they really freakin’ out.
they say, ask our experts, look at our numbers.
i say, shut up yr numbers say nuthin’!
they say, that frame of mind is pulling us under.
i say, we be better off when you sink!

they say, you gotta listen cuz we’re screamin’!
i say, all this cryin’ you never bleed.
they say, but we own the tv, the papers, yr sports teams.
i say, what else do you need?
they always say, war, war, war, more war!
i wonder what they fightin’ for?
cuz yeah, they always say war, war, war, more war!
i wonder what they really fightin’ for!
Track Name: twitchback
it’s more then a law that needs to be changed. (x bazillion)